First Post and Interview

My first post, woohoo!

I started writing Grim Ambition at the end of May this year (2016) I thought it would be a great idea to document the process, as a lot of people have said to me, “I’ve been thinking about writing a book but have no idea how.” Hopefully this will show people exactly what I went through from start to finish with each book of A Grim Trilogy!

So I received the opportunity to do an interview with a professional book marketing company for authors. They sent me the questions yesterday, and asked for a high res photo of me to go with the interview. Of course, the only photos of me are ones from cell phones – either mine or other people’s – and I couldn’t send any of those. Thankfully, I know a few professional photographers from my time in the band a few years back.

Now I should really be focusing on the interview questions, shouldn’t I? I’ll link the interview here once it’s ready.

Wish me luck!

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