Harry Goodsir Character Portrait

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

If you’ve been a Reinfried fan for a while, chances are you know how important character art is to the stories. Not only does it help put a face to each name, but it’s a fun visual to help artists know how to portray the characters.

At Cincy Con 2018, I met K Lynn Smith through mutual connections. I was immediately taken with her beautiful style for her graphic novel Plume (very good read, highly recommended!). Since then, I had kept track of her updates on social media, hoping to one day work with her on some commissions.

That day has come, and not only has she brought the characters of In Eternity to life like I’d never thought possible, but she’s done full justice to Harry Goodsir himself. Without even knowing much about him, Ms. Smith completely captured Harry’s heart in his character portrait. She even used his real life signature for the name!


I knew upon meeting Ms. Smith that she was a wonderful, talented artist. After seeing what she can do with my characters, I’m eager to continue working with her, fully confident she will breathe life into them all like no one else could.

Stay tuned for more!

~Jennifer Reinfried

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