More Advance Praise for Grim Ambition!

Grim Ambition is almost a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited! To get you pumped as well, here’s some more advance praise for the book. 😀

“Often, what we choose to read reflects who we are, or who we strive to be. Jennifer’s book, Grim Ambition, is boldly imaginative, with characters so visceral and tangible that you would expect to meet them on the street. I want to know more about these individuals, as if I’ve tasted a sample of who they are and now crave an entire meal. It is a love affair, in an obscure yet enticing way; one that has caused me to search deep down for my own dark shadows.” ~Amanda G.

“The time I spent with Grim Ambition was intriguing. The book drips with suspense and mystery from one page to the next, painting robust characters with deep backstories. The plot itself is interesting, but it’s the characters themselves you’ll come to love as you watch their stories intertwine and unfold.” ~Stephen G.

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