My First Twitter Pitch

#SFFpit just ended on Twitter, and I have my new friend and beta, author Wendy Vogel, to thank, as she contacted me about it this afternoon and urged me to take part.

My thoughts? WOW that was nerve wracking and scary! My heart was racing as I kept time (you can only tweet one pitch per hour) and worked to come up with a catchy pitch for Grim Ambition in only 140 characters. Oh, and they had to be different each time.

Now I sit back, keep my fingers crossed, and wait for an agent to favorite one of the tweets (which means they want to read more about the book). In addition to that, I will also be trying to not let my heart leap every time my phone buzzes with a Twitter notification.

Wish me luck!

#AGrimTrilogy #GrimAmbition #pitch

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