The Eventual and Dreaded Writer’s Block

I’ve had it before, of course, but this is the first time it’s happened to me at the beginning of a section that I’ve been excited to write for days. So unfair. Here I sit, in my library at home, without any distractions, my laptop open and ready for me to pour more words into it, and I can only stare at the screen. It’s like the ideas in my head are there but refuse to come out and, instead, my brain is flooded with its own distractions such as not wanting to go out tonight, wondering why my dog’s skin is always breaking out, what to eat for lunch, etc, etc, etc. Anything but the first scene where we finally see Shawn realizing something terrifying is going on with Jaxon. Maybe I’ll go shower again, since that seems to be the one place my best ideas form (while I am unable to write them down).

#AGrimTrilogy #GrimAmbition

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