When two superhero brothers face off, their battle will shadow the world.


Shawn Thorton is Grim, a vigilante hell-bent on eliminating the criminals who destroyed his family. His brother Jaxon has been at his side since their days at the laboratory where both men were created. But Jaxon's dark power has warped his need for revenge into madness, and after he murdered their father, the fraternal bond was completely shattered.


Reuniting with the rest of the Synthetics from Lab 14 has opened Shawn's eyes, turning him away from the path of vengeance. Jaxon, however, refuses to see the light, and nothing will stand between him and the deaths of those who have betrayed him. Countless innocents have been massacred as Jaxon's madness takes over his mind. Now, Shawn must side with his old enemies if he hopes to stop his brother before the rest of the world falls to the horrors of Jaxon's wrath.


Come back to the Grim universe for the thrilling and unforgettable conclusion to A Grim Trilogy.

Grim Vengeance

  • ISBN-13: 978-1979385244
    Publisher: CreateSpace
    Publication date: 11/07/2017
    Series: Grim #3
    Pages: 268
    Product dimensions: 5.5(w) x 8.5(h) x 0.67(d)