In an alternate timeline, Earth has been destroyed by nightmarish wraiths called into existence by a genetic experiment gone wrong. Left with no defense against the creatures, survivors are forced underground to avoid slaughter.

Hiding in a small bunker below the remains of a hidden Nevada research station, Annie Ross and her two closest friends struggle to adapt to their new, dangerous life. In a sealed room deep in the bunker, they find a long-lost journal. The strange events it details convince Annie that a member of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845 may have a hidden power, a direct link to the origin of the genetic mutants who created the deadly wraiths in the first place - and he's possibly the only person who can stop the creatures for good.

Together, Annie and her friends form a daring plan to travel through time and enlist the help of Harry Goodsir, attempting to change the fate of one man to ultimately save what's left of humanity.

"Remarkably well-researched." - Dr. Russell Potter, author of Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search  

"Reinfried’s post-apocalyptic thriller will keep you up past your bedtime. If the homicidal wraiths don't get you, the Arctic scurvy just might." - D.W. Vogel, author of the Horizon series

In Eternity | A Harry Goodsir Novel

  • ISBN-13: 9781087882161
    Publisher: Indy Pub
    Publication date: 05/26/2020
    Series: Harry Goodsir Changed Fate Series , #1
    Pages: 348
    Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.78(d)