A Western Sci-fi Thriller Series


Etta Davis.png

After a life-altering trauma sent her running, Etta Davis has spent most of her days drinking or fighting. She lives with a new mantra - attachment means pain, pain means distraction, distraction means death - and refuses to get close to anyone ever again.

That all changes when this new life collides with her past. Soon, Etta's forced to put her pain aside to protect innocent lives from horrifying creatures that attack without mercy.

Firearm: Ivory-handled revolver

Sidearm: Ivory-handled blade

Faction: Absolutes

Harker Floyd 2.png

Despite his big size and gruff attitude, there's more to Harker Floyd than meets the eye. He tears through the Lash, giving the fighters a true

advantage, but his passion lies back home in Talon's Hollow. 

Harker isn't a man to back down from protecting people who need it. He takes up arms and leaves his quiet life behind, quietly hoping he and Etta can start a life together when the battles are over.

Firearm: Revolver

Sidearm: Second revolver

Faction: Absolutes

Johnny Chapman.png

When you first meet Johnny Chapman, one word might come to mind: asshole. His incorrigible attitude, however, is a front, covering a big heart and uncanny sense of what's right.

Johnny joins the fighters despite his inability to control his asthma, hoping to find his place. He's spent too long searching for people who'll accept him, and although fighting the Lash is a constant life or death battle, Johnny is willing to risk everything for those he loves.

Firearm: Revolver

Sidearm: Sawed off shotgun

Faction: Absolutes

Ira Vaughn.png

Ira Vaughn may seem like a leader with his life together on the outside, but he holds deep anguish beneath the surface. He's a fierce fighter with a lot of heart, and earned his title with both fists and brains. Ira leads his fighters through the desert, fending off Lash at night and trying to warn nearby towns during the day.

His past with Etta rears its head when she joins his band of fighters. They both try to ignore the old pain they caused each other, but with her new love interest among them, staying focused to stay alive becomes difficult.

Firearm: Revolver

Sidearm: Blade

Faction: Absolutes

Luke Simmons 2.png

Some might call Luke Simmons the comic relief of the group, but those people don't give him enough credit. Haunted by a dark past, the only way he's been able to move forward with his life is through addiction. When Ira and his fighters recruit in Crow's Craig, Luke couldn't be more relieved for something better than what he'd become.

No matter how dire the times, Luke manages to stay positive and upbeat. His favorite thing is making people laugh.

Firearm: Dual pistols

Sidarm: His winning personality

Faction: Absolutes


sotl cover.PNG

The Souls of the Lash is Jennifer Reinfried's second novel, released in 2018. After receiving many positive reviews and requests for a sequel, Reinfried has begun to write The Souls of the Lash: Redemption. In the meantime, she's also revamped the first novel, and The Souls of the Lash Second Edition will release during a live event scheduled for May 2, 2021. Spaces limited, book now!